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Remember to remember the good you are here to be and tap into the huge resources available to aid you be a center of good.

If nothing has changed your life, this one will.

Sacred remembrance is a call unto your true God image. It is a call to step out of belittling and self-limiting thoughts and step into the substance of divine goodness that you are.

Sacred Remembrance is an easy to practice Mystical Science that connects you to the intention of the universe for your life. It brings out the memory of what you are before you were conceived.

It heals the wounds of the past; tames the anxieties of the future and gives you the present moment to enjoy fully.

Its energy makes you a huge magnet to attract the good you deserve.

It lifts up your connectivity to the good of the universe.
Attract wealth, love and inner peace
Unleash your potential
Celebrate the celebrity You Are.
Welcome yourself into enlightenment.
Recover your passion for life.
Open your inner eyes to the good the universe wants you to be
The result of this great Mystical practice is instant. This is power you can feel.

This program is worth millions of dollars. The expected donation is $995.00 and the minimum donation is $95.00. You are encouraged to give abundantly from your soul. Donate and get immediate delivery of the course.

Your donation allows you a generous viewing for ten times in three months; it is having the workshop for ten times within three months at your own convenience. You may additionally order the Computer based Training workshop CD for $95.



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